Reply To: Avahi support



The next official release will not have the Apple mDNS responder built-in. I hope Howl 2.0 will be out by then (they were saying summer ’05. Isn’t that where we are?), and then there will be two free mDNS implementations, as the Howl 2.0 is going to eliminate the apple code.

I hope the next version will support:

1. dns_sd.h interface — this will allow it to use Apple’s mDNS, and Howl 2.0
2. osx. native interface — just like it does today
3. avahi, now that it looks like it’s actually a real product.

Debian is my distro of choice, so it bums me that Howl is only available in non-free. Also, I heard from a SuSE guy that this is what they use in their office, and they considered it for inclusion, but had to reject it due to ASPL.

Wish apple would just dual-license it.

But yeah, that’s where it’s going to go.