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First, know that it’s not point-and-click… it’s still pretty bleeding edge, but here’s the terse WMA HOWTO:

1. You’ll need to download a recent nightly.
2. Compile and install it
3. copy contrib/mt-daapd.conf to /etc/mt-daapd.conf
4. add .wma to your “extensions”
5. add .wma to your “ssc_extensions”
6. point your ssc_prog to a script that will convert .wma to wav.
7. profit!

#6 is the hard part. You might take the and add something like:

} elseif ($fn =~ m/^..*.wma$/i) {
ffmpeg_proc($fn, $off, $forgelen);

in the part that dispatches the file types.

Drawbacks include the fact that it won’t do wma lossless, since ffmpeg doesn’t do wma lossless… the only way I know to do wma lossless is mplayer with win32 codecs, which means you can only do wma lossless on x86 (linux x86, probably… I don’t know how the win32 codec stuff works, but I’d guess it’s probably linux x86 only.)

But to do that, you need to use mplayer, not ffmpeg, and you’ll need patches to the stock mplayer.

Here’s the patches to mplayer:

So just wma isn’t so bad, but lossless wma takes some serious effort. It’s possible that the patches mentioned are going upstream to the mplayer folks, so that ought to make it a little easier. That, or if ffmpeg gets wma lossless support, that will make it easier as well.

Anyway, that’s the executive summary. Yell if you need something more verbose than this.

— Ron

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