Reply To: setup error…id3tag.h not found???


no, that explanation was great…thanks…I actually found out I was missing libid3tag…I installed that and everything went fine…I installed it from source…however, my next question is how do I get it running? I tried chkconfig service mt-daapd start adn it says mt-daapd is not a known service? also how do I get to the web admin page? Am I supposed to move those files to my var/www/html/(create dir here)/? I didn’t realize I could use an RPM till I was done, I might go back through and redo using an RPM. Do I need to un-install anything, or will it just write over what it needs to? CetnOS is actually a “spawn” :laugh: of Fedora…CentOS 4.0 (that I am running) uses Core 3. If you can’t tell I am new to this Linux thing, had my server up and running for about a week now so I am starting to catch on…hardest part is I didn’t install a GUI…its all on command prompt :ohmy: