Reply To: setup error…id3tag.h not found???


Yup, it’s looking for libid3tag. Probably you’ve got libid3tag and some kind of libid3tag-dev package. You’ll need the -dev package.

Actually, I’m looking on the web, and centos is a rhel clone, like whitebox, right?

Probably the easiest thing to do is build an RPM for it. Probably all you need to do is grab the tarball and throw it into /usr/src/redhat(centos, maybe?)/SOURCES, grab a specfile (probably the fc2 specfile) from the contrib directory, and throw that in /usr/src/redhat/SPECS.

It’s set up for version, so you’ll need to change the version in the specfile to cvs-20050320 (or whatever) then do a rpmbuild -ba

It should tell you if you are missing packages and if so, what.

That’s the easiest way. Otherwise, if you want to build from source, you’ll need the gdbm-dev package, and the libid3tag package.

— Ron

If this is gibberish to you, let me know.