Reply To: cvs-20050320 issues: Playlists, intern. char.


Lots of stuff:

Playlists – With the sql backend, there are no playlists. (!) The playlists are actually sql “where clauses”. Check the nightlies page on the example on how to add playlists manually. Eventually, there will be a web-based interface for adding and editing playlists. I still haven’t decided how to handle static playlists (.m3u) and how to convert existing smart playlists. (perl script, maybe?)

The other problem isn’t a utf-8 problem (I don’t think), it’s the single quote. I want to say that’s fixed in cvs. I’ll roll another nightly out this weekend that includes that fix.

As far as speed – the soundbridge connects using browse and query commands — it browses the database as opposed to sucking down the whole thing, like iTunes does. So iTunes initial connect is going to be slow, as it has to pull down a huge clump of data.

the soundbridge doesn’t — it doesn’t have the memory to do it. So it just queries for what it needs as it needs it.

How fast does mt-daapd compare using iTunes as a client versus with a real iTunes server and client? It should be pretty close to native speed, I’d think.

— Ron