Reply To: poll


Fixed in cvs. Let me know how it works.

One thing to note… for simplicity, all instances of mt-daapd use the same database ID, so if you have multiple mt-daapd servers, they will likely share preferences. I don’t know how much of a problem that is. I’d be interested in your feedback on that.

Anything else? I’ve only got a couple small things before I roll an official 0.2.1… any other small rough edges that need to be filed off before 0.2.1?

I know I’ve got the “can’t span collection across multiple volumes” thing, but that’s gonna be a major architectural change. I’ve got the “Can’t do UTF-8 in playlists” thing, as it’s the result of using yacc as a parser. I might have to hand-roll a parser to get UTF-8 playlist names. But both of those are major, post 0.2.1 things. Maybe I’ll target those two plus a cygwin port to windows for 0.2.2.

Let me know what you think.

— Ron