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first of all: I just realized i’ve been using mt-daapd for over 1.5 years now. Thank you, Ron!

I’ve now installed a second network interface into my server so my neighbour can listen too.

I’m now using mt-daapd with the built-in zeroconf support, but the daap service only shows up on my old network, not the new one.

How do I configure mt-daapd to broadcast its service description over zeroconf to both network interfaces?

Or do I have to start two instances of mt-daapd?

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The apple embeddable mdns stuff isn’t super configurable. Best is probably to use a real mdns responder like avahi or howl. (avahi is probably best).

Then configure with –enable-avahi, and you should be in business. The avahi stuff has fine configuration for what interfaces and all that.

I noticed that avahi is now in unslung, so I’ll be moving the nightlies for nslu2 to use avahi soon. Avahi is in pretty much all the distros now, too, so I may make avahi the default, and deprecate the built-in mdns.

— Ron